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Related Software
  • Digital Canal Corporation Software Suite - Structural engineering, detailing, and drafting software: (1) VersaFrame - Frame Analysis; (2) Retaining Wall Design; (3) Footing Design; (4) Steel Design; (5) Masonry Wall Design; (6) Pile Cap Design; (7) Timber Design; (8) Wind Analysis; (9) Concrete Design; (10) StructPro - 2D drafting & detailing program for steel and concrete; (11) DetailPro - library of over 2500 pre-drawn details is sorted and organized by Construction Specification Institute (CSI) category.
  • FB-MultiPier - The FB-MultiPier analysis program is a nonlinear finite element analysis program capable of analyzing multiple bridge pier structures interconnected by bridge spans. The full structure can be subject to a full array AASHTO load types in a static analysis or time varying load functions in a dynamic analysis. Each pier structure is composed of pier columns and cap supported on a pile cap and piles/shafts with nonlinear soil. This analysis program couples nonlinear structural finite element analysis with nonlinear static soil models for axial, lateral and torsional soil behavior to provide a robust system of analysis for coupled bridge pier structures and foundation systems. FB-MultiPier performs the generation of the finite element model internally given the geometric definition of the structure and foundation system as input graphically by the designer. This allows the engineer to work directly with the design parameters and lessens the bookkeeping necessary to create and interpret a model.
  • GT Strudl - Structural Design & Analysis software programs for Architectural - Engineering - Construction (AEC), CAE/CAD, utilities, offshore, industrial, nuclear and civil works facilities. GT STRUDL integrates modeling, analysis, and design into a powerful information processing system. GT STRUDL key features include Linear and Nonlinear Static and Dynamic Analysis, Plastic Hinges, Pushover Analysis, and Buckling Analysis. A wide range of 2D and 3D elements are available including Cable and Base Isolation elements. US and International Steel and Concrete Design Codes. CAD interfaces are available including the ability to import and export CIS/2 files.
  • M Series - A collection of the following geotechnical programs:

    (1) MSheet addresses the design of sheet walls including distortions and stability for various excavation phases. The critical length is also determined.

    (2) MFoundation will optimise the dimensions of foundations (with piles, on plates) for a variety of loadings.

    (3) MGeoBase stores the results of soil tests to use the soil parameters and geometric soil layers for further use in MStab, MSettle, MDrill and MSeep.

    (4) MStab calculates critical shear surfaces within the soil, incorporating calculated settlements.

    (5) MSettle determines the settlements through creep and soil consolidation following Koppejan or advanced isotaches. Vertical drainage can be modelled. Subsoil water pressure is checked.

    (6) MDrill calculates the minimal and maximum compression in horizontal pipes, in drilling liquid and drilling equipment.

    (7) MSeep determines the phreatic surface and the soil pressure by soil groundwater movement. More modules for groundwater calculation (MWell) and pile foundation design (MPile).
  • MasterSeries Pile Cap Designer - Analysis, design, detailing and scheduling of regularly shaped pile caps for 1 to 9 piles.
  • Pile Group Analysis - Spreadsheet to calculate pile forces for piles in regular and irregular pile groups. Can accommodate load eccentricity relative to the pile group center of gravity and multiple loading cases in a single screen.
  • Piles (Fine) - This finite element method program provides calculation of the vertical and horizontal bearing capacity of single piles. Piles program is a part of a geotechnical software suite GEO5. This easy to understand and use system comprises individual modules with uniform user environment and mutual communication.
  • Sofistik - FEA and CAD software for civil and structural engineering modeling, analysis, design, and detailing. SOFiSTiK is one of the most complete FE packages and covers almost all structural engineering disciplines: building, bridges, foundation, tunneling, membranes, lightweight, dynamics. Design code checks can be performed for 18 international codes.

    FEA suite (SOFiSTiK) includes the following programs: Sofistik Structural Desktop - SSD (main user interface that helps the user control various modules), CADINP (text editor and script language to define parametric input), SOFIPLUS (standard pre-processor based on AutoCAD), ASE (3D finite element analysis), STAR (3D frame analysis), SlabDesigner PRO (analysis of slabs, walls, frames and grillages), TALPA (linear and nonlinear plain strain/stress analysis), HASE (soil-structure interaction), PFAHL (analysis of pile foundations), HYDRA (analysis of potential problems), PHYSICA (multiphysical code for computation fluid dynamics that can be used for dynamic wind analysis of bridges and buildings).

    CAD Suite (SOFiCAD) includes the following programs: SOFiCAD DETAILING (tools for construction and formwork planning), SOFICAD REINFORCEMENT (used to generate reinforcement drawings within AutoCAD), SOFiCAD BAMTEC (detailing of reinforcement mats), SOFiCAD ALIGNMENT (horizontal and vertical alignment of highway structures and bridges), SOFiCAD STEELWORK (steel detailing), SOFiCAD DATA-EXCHANGE.


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