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Software Databox
Software Name: Sofistik
Description: FEA and CAD software for civil and structural engineering modeling, analysis, design, and detailing. SOFiSTiK is one of the most complete FE packages and covers almost all structural engineering disciplines: building, bridges, foundation, tunneling, membranes, lightweight, dynamics. Design code checks can be performed for 18 international codes.

FEA suite (SOFiSTiK) includes the following programs: Sofistik Structural Desktop - SSD (main user interface that helps the user control various modules), CADINP (text editor and script language to define parametric input), SOFIPLUS (standard pre-processor based on AutoCAD), ASE (3D finite element analysis), STAR (3D frame analysis), SlabDesigner PRO (analysis of slabs, walls, frames and grillages), TALPA (linear and nonlinear plain strain/stress analysis), HASE (soil-structure interaction), PFAHL (analysis of pile foundations), HYDRA (analysis of potential problems), PHYSICA (multiphysical code for computation fluid dynamics that can be used for dynamic wind analysis of bridges and buildings).

CAD Suite (SOFiCAD) includes the following programs: SOFiCAD DETAILING (tools for construction and formwork planning), SOFICAD REINFORCEMENT (used to generate reinforcement drawings within AutoCAD), SOFiCAD BAMTEC (detailing of reinforcement mats), SOFiCAD ALIGNMENT (horizontal and vertical alignment of highway structures and bridges), SOFiCAD STEELWORK (steel detailing), SOFiCAD DATA-EXCHANGE.
Category: Finite Element Analysis, Civil/Structural
License Type: Commercial; Educational; Trial Version (Free)
Price: Euro 15000
Keywords: alignmentbridgebuildingCOGO (Coordinate Geometry)computational fluid dynamics (CFD)parametric capabilitiespilereinforcement detailingsoil-structure interactionsteel detailingstructural FEAtunneling
Data formats: ASCIIDWGExcel
Design code: AASHTOAASHTO LRFDACIAS 3600 - concreteAS 4100 - steelAS 5100 - bridgesBAELBBKBS 5400 - BridgesBS 5950 - Steel Design for FireBS 8110 - ConcreteDIN - German StandardsDIN 1045 - concreteDIN 18800 - steelEC 2 - ConcreteEC 3 - SteelEC 4 - Composite Steel / ConcreteEC 8 - SeismicEHEGB50010 - concreteIS 456 - concreteNZ 3101SIASNIP
Languages: English; French; German; Russian
Creator: SOFiSTiK AG
Distributor: Abes Austria; SOFiSTiK AG
(This databox is based on Sofistik entry at software database.)

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