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Welcome to StructuralWiki,
open knowledgebase for structural engineers
that anyone can edit.

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Topics e
Prerequisites Mathematics
Theories Plasticity
Analysis Traditional analysis methods  · Computational analysis methods  · Stability  · Dynamics
Design Materials  · Design codes  · Seismic  · Geotechnical  · Fatigue
Materials Steel  · Concrete  · Prestressed concrete  · Masonry  · Timber  · Composites
Structural Systems Conceptual design  · Buildings  · Bridges
Structural Components Abutment  · Anchor rod  · Bearing  · Cable  · Cross frame  · Expansion joint  · Pile and pile group  · Pier  · Splice  · Stiffener
Miscellaneous Software  · Drawings  · Inspection  · Low energy buildings  · Sustainable design  · Non-destructive evaluation  · Painting  · Structural health monitoring  · Surveying  · History  · People  · Technology  · Smart structures  · Loads  · Design methods

Goals and Mission

The main goal of StructuralWiki is to develop comprehensive open knowledgebase for civil, structural & bridge engineers, and architects. Based on wiki platform and sematic web technologies, StructuralWiki is perfectly suited to promote and simplify the exchange of knowledge and experience between professionals.
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Glossary - A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z (glossary of civil engineering words)

Topics - summary/introduction of main structural design topics (currently in progress)

Visual Guide - photographs of miscellaneous structural elements (to be started)

Directory of Directories - list of quality civil engineering directories

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