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GT Strudl

Software Databox
Software Name: GT Strudl
Description: Structural Design & Analysis software programs for Architectural - Engineering - Construction (AEC), CAE/CAD, utilities, offshore, industrial, nuclear and civil works facilities. GT STRUDL integrates modeling, analysis, and design into a powerful information processing system. GT STRUDL key features include Linear and Nonlinear Static and Dynamic Analysis, Plastic Hinges, Pushover Analysis, and Buckling Analysis. A wide range of 2D and 3D elements are available including Cable and Base Isolation elements. US and International Steel and Concrete Design Codes. CAD interfaces are available including the ability to import and export CIS/2 files.
Category: Finite Element Analysis, Civil/Structural
License Type: Commercial
Price: US Dollars 2400 to 4750
Keywords: 2D analysis2nd order analysis3D analysisACI-318-02ADS (allowable stress design)analysis suitearchbalanced cantilever bridgebatch analysisbeambeam analysisbeam designbeam on elastic foundationbox culvertbox girder bridgebracingbrick element (FEA)bridgebridge FEAbridge geometrybridge managementbucklingbuildingBuilding Information Modelingcablecable-stayed bridgecivil FEAcold formed steelcolumncomponent design and analysiscomposite beamconcreteconcrete beamconcrete columnconcrete designconcrete reinforcement detailingconcrete reinforcement schedulingconcrete section designcontact analysiscontinuous beamdamdampingdistributed loaddouble tee beamdynamic analysisdynamic linear analysisdynamic nonlinear analysisdynamicsearth pressureearthquake analysiseigenvalue analysiseigenvalueselastic capacityelastic-plastic designelastomeric bearingEurocodeExcelFEA (finite element analysis)FEA software libraryFEA visualizationFEM platesFEM shellsFEM solidsfinal designfinite element model tuningfloorfluid structure interactionframeframe (matrix) analysisframe analysisgap elementgirderhingehook elementhorizontally curved steel girderI Girderimpactincrementally launched bridgeintegrated softwarelarge deformationslateral designlateral torsional bucklinglinearlinear analysislinear elastic analysisload combinationsloadingloading, windLRFD (load and resistance factor design)LRFR (load and resistance factor rating)mechanical FEAmeshing (FEA)modal analysismodal shapemoving loadmoving load analysisnatural frequencynonlinearnonlinear analysisobject oriented modelingoffshore structuresP-delta analysispilepile groupplastic capacityplate bucklingpoint loadportal framepreliminary designprincipal stresspushover analysisreinforced concreteresponse spectrumresponse spectrum analysisretaining structureretaining wallsection propertiessegmentalsegmental bridgeseismicseismic analysissettlementshear wallshell element (FEA)shrinkageslabslendernesssoil-structure interactionsolid modelsolverstaged constructionstaticstatic analysisstatic linear analysisstatic nonlinear analysisstaticssteelsteel beamsteel columnsteel designstiffenerstraight steel girderstressstructural FEAstructural steel shapessubstructure bridgesuperstructure bridgesupport displacement loadtee beamtemperature loadthermalthin-walltime history analysistime-dependant analysistorsion, St. Venanttorsion, warpingtowertransportation FEAtrusstunnelingUBC (uniform building code)visualizationwallwarpingweldwire frame
Data formats: ASCIICIS/2DXFExcel
Design code: ACI 318AISCAISC-ASDAISC-LRFDBS 5950 - Steel Design for FireBS 8110 - Concrete
Languages: English
Creator: Georgia Tech - CASE Center
Distributor: Georgia Tech - CASE Center
(This databox is based on GT Strudl entry at software database.)

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