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  • ABD-Automated Bridge Design - Computer service for bridge designers using ABD bridge design software. The software can handle several standard types of superstructures, substructures, and foundation types. Submit your bridge design parameters and receive analysis and design report that can be directly used for detailing.
  • ABD-Loads - Bridge loading software that calculates reactions, moment and shear envelopes for all standard AASHTO loadings and over 200 other predefined truck loadings.
  • ABD-Slab - Bridge slab design software for beam/girder type bridges in accordance with the AASHTO LRFD code.
  • BRASS Suite - Suite of programs for Bridge Rating and Analysis of Structural Systems known as BRASS includes the following programs: (1) BRASS-GIRDER, BRASS-GIRDER(LRFD) - systems for the analysis and rating of highway bridge girders; (2) BRASS-PIER, BRASS-PIER(LRFD) - analysis and design of reinforced concrete bridge piers; (3) BRASS-CULVERT - analysis and design of reinforced concrete box culverts; (4) BRASS-POLE - analysis of cantilever sign, luminaire and signal support structures; (5) BRASS-SPLICE - design of field splices for rolled beam or welded plate steel girders; (6) BRASS-TRUSS - analysis and load rating of simple or continuous truss or girder bridges; (7) BRASS-PAD - design and analysis of elastomeric bridge bearings; (8) BRASS-DIST - calculates wheel load distribution factors.
  • BRIDG - Rating and analysis of highway bridges per AASHTO and WSDOT (LRFR) specifications.
  • BRIGADE - Suite of finite element analysis tools for the field of structural and civil engineering. BRIGADE/Standard is program for three-dimensional analysis of bridge structures. BRIDAGE/Plus is general purpose finite element program. BRIGADE/Hacon is a finite element program for simulations of temperature and stress development in hardening concrete.
  • Consys - Live load and static analysis for single-span and multi-span bridges.
  • FB-MultiPier - The FB-MultiPier analysis program is a nonlinear finite element analysis program capable of analyzing multiple bridge pier structures interconnected by bridge spans. The full structure can be subject to a full array AASHTO load types in a static analysis or time varying load functions in a dynamic analysis. Each pier structure is composed of pier columns and cap supported on a pile cap and piles/shafts with nonlinear soil. This analysis program couples nonlinear structural finite element analysis with nonlinear static soil models for axial, lateral and torsional soil behavior to provide a robust system of analysis for coupled bridge pier structures and foundation systems. FB-MultiPier performs the generation of the finite element model internally given the geometric definition of the structure and foundation system as input graphically by the designer. This allows the engineer to work directly with the design parameters and lessens the bookkeeping necessary to create and interpret a model.
  • LUSAS Bridge - Finite element analysis software for the design, analysis and load rating / assessment of bridge types. Software in available in 3 software levels with software options available to extend analysis capabilities to allow Vehicle Load Optimisation, Fast Multifrontal Solvers, Interactive Modal Dynamic Analysis, Nonlinear Analysis, Dynamic Analysis, Thermal / Field Analysis, Heat of Hydration Analysis, Rail Track Analysis
  • Leap Bridge Software Suite - (1) Geomath - parametric bridge layout and design. (2) Conspan - precast/prestressed bridge beam analysis and design. (3) RCPier - reinforced concrete substructure analysis and design. (4) Conbox - CIP reinforced or post-tensioned box girder and slab bridge design. (5) Consplice - spliced precast/prestressed bridge girder analysis and design. (6) Consys 2000 - LRFD and AASHTO Standard live load and static load analysis.
  • MERLIN-DASH - Design and analysis of straight steel and reinforced concrete girder bridges.
  • Opis - Bridge design software
  • PENNDOT LRFD and Engineering Programs - Suite of command line programs for bridge design and analysis, with text input and output files. Includes: (1) ENGASST - Engineering Assistant; ABLRFD - LRFD Abutment and Retaining Wall Analysis and Design; BPLRFD - LRFD Bearing Pad Design and Analysis; BXLRFD - LRFD Box Culvert Design and Rating; FBLRFD - LRFD Floorbeam Analysis and Rating; PAPIER - Pennsylvania Pier Analysis; PSLRFD - LRFD Prestressed Concrete Girder Design and Rating; SPLRFD - LRFD Steel Girder Splice Design and Analysis; STLRFD - LRFD Steel Girder Design and Rating; ABUT5 -Abutment and Retaining Wall; ARCH - Arch Analysis and Design; BAR7 - Bridge Analysis and Rating; BOX5 - Box Culvert Design and Rating; BRGEO - Bridge Geometry; BSP - Beam Section Properties; CAMBR - Field Check of Camber; CBA - Continuous Beam Analysis; CLLMR - Comparison of Live Load Moments and Reactions; GRPRO - Grade Profile; HGEO - Horizontal Geometry; PS3 - Prestressed Concrete Girder; SIGN - Sign Structure Analysis.
  • QConBridge - Live load analysis program for continuous bridge frames.
  • SAM Integrated Bridge Design Software - Specialized bridge design software for medium span bridges that integrates code checking with analysis. Contains modules for section properties, differential temperature analysis of any section, design and assess of concrete sections, torsion and shear calculations for any section, and thermal cracking of concrete sections.
  • TRAP - Truss rating and analysis program.
  • Virtis - Bridge load rating program.
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