Connection Study Environment (CSE)

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Connection Study Environment (CSE)

Software Databox
Software Name: Connection Study Environment (CSE)
Description: CSE is a software program dealing with steel connections. The main innovation of CSE is that is can be used to design connections freely placing components, and, afterwards, check them. The program offers a wide coverage of issues regarding steel connections: it uses automatic internal rules, user-defined rules, and is also able to create automatically fem models of components (members with their workings, plates, cross-section trunks, angles, double-angles and more). CSE is the result of a research dating since 1999. The main aim of CSE is not drawing or detailing, but checking connections. It does not use "kitchen-recipes" to allow a limited number of connections, but lets the user build up their connections freely. A number of tutorials for various connections types is available with the program.
Category: Connections
License Type: Commercial; Trial Version (Free)
Price: Euro 1100 Anual Fee or Euro 4500 Permanent License
Keywords: connectionEurocodeFEA (finite element analysis)steel connectionweld
Data formats: SAP2000
Design code: EC 3 - Steel
Languages: English; Italian
Creator: Castalia srl
Distributor: Castalia srl
(This databox is based on Connection Study Environment (CSE) entry at software database.)

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