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Concise Beam

Software Databox
Software Name: Concise Beam
Description: Concise Beam is an easy to use Microsoft Windows based program for the design of precast concrete beams. Concise Beam will perform a load analysis and design checks in accordance with the latest edition of ACI 318, CSA A23.3 or AS3600. CSA S6 is also supported without moving loads. Key code parameters can be customized to simulate other design codes. The beam can be conventionally reinforced and pretensioned. It can model any cross-sectional shape and will allow the cross-section to vary prismatically (step-wise) over the length of the beam. A graphical editor allows the user to describe any cross-section, including voids, openings or cut-outs. Concise Beam currently works in two-dimensions but will also account for torsion along the beam. The user can work in metric or Imperial (US Customary) units, select from a variety of individual units (i.e. mm, cm, m), and switch back and forth at will. Libraries of industry standard cross-sections and materials are provided with Concise Beam. The standard libraries can be modified, extended and customized by the user.
Category: Concrete Design
License Type: Commercial
Price: US Dollars 1600
Keywords: 2D analysisbeambridgecrack widthdouble tee beamparking garageprestressed concrete girderreinforced concreteslabtee beam
Data formats:
Design code: ACI 318AS 3600 - concreteCAN/CSA-S6-00 (R2005)CSA A23.3-94
Languages: English
Creator: Black Mint Software, Inc.
Distributor: Black Mint Software, Inc.
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