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  • Constructware - Web-based project management software for contractors.
  • DrawMGT - DrawMGT is an Internet-based web application that manages construction drawings, documents and related tasks. DrawMGT was created specifically for the heavy construction and tunneling industry. It is ideally suited for large projects with participants from multiple organizations, located at multiple sites. DrawMGT was designed by engineers, for engineers. It is not a generalized content or project management system that has been "adapted" for construction. Its native language is construction. The procedures DrawMGT supports are the procedures your engineers are probably already using. The goal is to automate accepted industry practices and not to replace them. Thus, DrawMGT will make many tasks more efficient and help ensure that your good engineering does not become a victim of administrative and clerical inefficiencies.
  • Microsoft Dynamics - Software systems designed to help construction organizations manage complex business processes without the burden of a large, expensive IT infrastructure. Can assist to integrate business operations; manage projects more effectively; automate office operations; streamline internal communications; improve customer relations.
  • Organice - Organice is a software suite for engineering document management and document control. Organice is fully based on Microsoft SharePoint, leveraging existing technology on Windows Server 2003 and 2008. Organice helps project driven engineering organizations to manage and share their project documentation and to control their document distribution and tracking.

    Organice Explorer provides all the fundamental document management functionality. The user interface has an MS Outlook look and feel, making it easy to use for everyone. It integrates with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook and various CAD applications, including AutoCAD, BricsCad, Revit and MicroStation. Through an integrated viewer, users can open, view and redline all documents, even if they do not have access to the native application.

    With Organice Scan incoming correspondence and other hardcopy documents can be scanned and stored into the SharePoint document environment. Organice Scan can be used in combination with any scanning device, including small format and wide format scanners, standalone scanners and multifunctional devices.

    Organice Transmit distributes multiple documents efficiently to multiple recipients at once and offers management information to document controllers who need to keep track of transmittals. A distribution matrix specifies exactly which recipient needs to receive which documents, and how many, and a distribution tracking list in SharePoint keeps track of who received what and when.

    Organice Publish can publish documents that are stored in SharePoint. Documents can be published in their native format or in PDF, so that they can easily be opened, viewed and annotated by others without the native application.
  • Primavera - Comprehensive software for project management.
  • SureTrack - Compact program from project management.
  • Trix Organizer - Trix Organizer is a SQL Server based software for controlling and versioning drawings and documents. Files and all associated metadata are securely stored inside the SQL Server database. This ensures that files cannot be accidently duplicated or changed.
  • Virtual Construction - Suite of technologies that employs 3D modeling to virtually construct the project. It identifies constructability issues during design and/or preconstruction. The 3D model is further utilized to extract accurate estimating quantities and to analyze alternative construction sequences. Finally, design (3D), schedule (4D) and cost (5D) are all interlinked, so a change to any of the three automatically updates the other two.
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