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  • AISISplice - AISIsplice is a tool for the analysis and design of bolted field splices for straight, right, I-shaped, steel girders that follows the procedures of the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications. In the design mode, the software sizes and optimizes the splice plates and bolts. In the analysis mode, the software determines the adequacy of given splice plates and bolts. For both modes, performance ratios (load/resistance) for all splice components are determined. The software output consists of scaled graphics and a detailed report. Graphic illustrations include the elevation and cross section views of the splice and adjoined girders. Graphical output includes splice dimensions, bolt details, a summary of required filler plates, and splice component performance ratios. AISI Splice was developed by Dr. Firas Ibrahim and AISI's Transportation and Infrastructure Group.
  • Connection Study Environment (CSE) - CSE is a software program dealing with steel connections. The main innovation of CSE is that is can be used to design connections freely placing components, and, afterwards, check them. The program offers a wide coverage of issues regarding steel connections: it uses automatic internal rules, user-defined rules, and is also able to create automatically fem models of components (members with their workings, plates, cross-section trunks, angles, double-angles and more). CSE is the result of a research dating since 1999. The main aim of CSE is not drawing or detailing, but checking connections. It does not use "kitchen-recipes" to allow a limited number of connections, but lets the user build up their connections freely. A number of tutorials for various connections types is available with the program.
  • Plate Girder Splice Design Spreadsheet - Spreadsheet for design of bolted splice for steel plate girders according to AASHTO LRFD, 3rd Edition (2004). English units.
  • Steel Joints - Determines capacity of steel joints for truss and frame structures fabricated from rolled or welded plate members. Determines rigidity of the connection and performs its classification (rigid joint, semi-rigid joint, or hinge).
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