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Commercial Datasheet

Note: This page contains commercial information. (all)

Imagine if you had a powerful 2D sketcher built within a conventional spreadsheet - that would make it very easy for you to conceptualize and solve a wide range of geometry-dependent engineering challenges while evaluating all options prior to committing to the final answer.

GrafiCalc 2008 is self-contained software that combines the disciplines of constrained sketching and "smart" calculations within one easy to use application. The tight integration between geometry and automated calculations in GrafiCalc 2008 helps users to dramatically improve productivity and solution quality.



GrafiCalc 2008 enables users to:

  • Automate engineering calculations
  • Automate "what if" analysis of engineering options
  • Eliminate mathematics, trigonometry, equation solving
  • Leverage CAD
  • Leverage existing Excel calculations
  • Print engineering reports
  • Reuse and share engineering knowledge

GrafiCalc 2008 is the tool of choice for solving engineering problems where geometry and numerical aspects of the challenge are inseparable.

Essentially, GrafiCalc 2008 enables users to work with geometry in the same way as conventional spreadsheets work with numbers.

GrafiCalc 2008 can be used standalone as well as in conjunction with Microsoft Excel. This way users can leverage their existing Excel calculations and VBA solutions. Simple point-and click method can be used to establish bi-directional DDE (dynamic data exchange) between GrafiCalc 2008 and Excel


To date, GrafiCalc has been applied to solve a wide range of engineering challenges. Following is partial list of proven GrafiCalc applications:

Beam calculations Bearing calculations
Belt and Conveyor calculations Boat Profile calculations
Composites calculations Centroid calculations
Force diagram analysis Forging calculations
Heat Transfer calculations Hydraulics calculations
Layout Analysis Load Distribution calculations
Leveraging Excel calculations Lighting design
Magnetic Calculations Masonry bridge Stress calculations
Material Selection calculations Mechatronic calculations
Optics layout analysis Paper machinery calculations
Pump Calculations Pressure vessel calculations
Shaft Calculations Shape Dependent Calculations
Stress, Strain, Deflection calculations Structural Engineering Calculations
Valve calculations Volume Calculations
Wiring Aperture Weld Calculations

User Testimonials[1]

GrafiCalc has saved me considerable time in the modeling and optimization of the geometry used in our positive displacement machinery. What I used to do with geometric data from our CAD system and numerical data from our spreadsheet models is now entirely done within GrafiCalc at a fraction of the time that it used to take. Consider me a satisfied customer!

Steve Chomyszak, Chief Engineer
Mechanology LLC. USA

GrafiCalc pays for itself every time I setup a problem.

Mike Poccia, Senior Mechanical Engineer
Eastman Kodak. USA

If you can sketch it - GrafiCalc 2008 can solve it!


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