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Dlubal Software

Software Databox
Software Name: Dlubal Software
Description: Suite of programs for structural engineering.

Frame analysis package includes basic program (RSTAB, RSTAB 2D), steel structures add-ons (STEEL, KAPPA, LTB, FE-LTB, EL-PL, PLATE-BUCKLING, ASD), concrete add-ons (CONCRETE), timber structures add-ons (TIMBER), composite add-ons (COMPOSITE-BEAM), dynamics add-on (DYNAM Basic, DYNAM Addition I, DYNAM Addition II) and other add-ons (DEFORM, RSMOVE, RSIMP, RSBUCK, RSBOMBI, SUPER-LC, RS-COM).

Finite element analysis package includes basic program (RFEM, RFEM 2D), steel structures add-ons (RF-STEEL, RF-LTB), concrete structures add-ons (RF-CONCRETE, RF-CONCRETE 2D, RF-CONCRETE ONORM, RF-PUNCH), timber structures add-on (RF-TIMBER Members), dynamics add-ons (RF-DYNAM Basic), and other add-ons (RF-STABILITY, RF-IMP, RF-IMP, RF-COM, RF-COMBI).

Cross sections modules enable to determine cross-section values and general cross-section analyses for both thin-walled and thick-walled sections (SHAPE-THIN).

Connections modules perform static analyses for various types of connections for steel structures (FRAME-JOINT), END-PLATE, CONNECT, DSTV) and timber structures (DOWEL).
Category: Software Suite
License Type: Commercial; Educational
Price: Varies depending on configuration and modules
Keywords: bucklingconnectiondynamic analysislateral torsional bucklingplateplate bucklingsection propertiesstatic analysissteel connectionstructural FEA
Data formats:
Design code:
Languages: English; German
URL: http://www.dlubal.de
Creator: Dlubal Software GmbH
Distributor: Dlubal Software GmbH
(This databox is based on Dlubal Software entry at BridgeArt.net software database.)

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